cable optique - 9/125

Excel corrugated steel tape (CST) armoured loose tube optical fibre cables have been designed specifically for applications
requiring a high degree of mechanical protection. These compact, lightweight cables are extremely rugged, provide rodent
resistance and are quick and easy to install. The cables are constructed around a gel filled (non‐dripping and silicon free) tube
containing up to 24 colour coded 250μm primary coated 50/125μm fibres. This tube is covered with water swellable E‐glass
acting as strength members. This cable construction is completed with a for longitudinal watertightness.and a flame retardant,
low smoke zero halogen, outer sheath.


Référence Désignation
205-305 Câble Int/Ext LTAA 4x9/125
205-306 Câble Int/Ext LTAA 8x9/125
205-307 Câble Int/Ext LTAA 12x9/125
205-308 Câble Int/Ext LTAA 16x9/125
205-309 Câble Int/Ext LTAA 24x9/125

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