cable optique - 50/125

Excel range steel wire armoured cables suitable for direct burial and the most demanding of installations. Available from stock
these cables are constructed from standard single loose tube cables which are then packed into a flexible but strong fibreglass
waterblocking strength member. An internal sheath of Black Low Smoke Zero Halogen material is then applied, a rip cord is
inserted under this sheath to ease cable stripping. Lengths of steel wire armouring are then applied and an oversheath of Black
Low Smoke Zero Halogen is added.  
The cables shown in the table below are available from stock, if you require core counts or jacket colours not shown please
call our sales office for availability details.


Référence Désignation
205-348 Câble Int/Ext LTAAR 4x50/125
205-364 Câble Int/Ext LTAAR 8x50/125
205-366 Câble Int/Ext LTAAR 12x50/125
205-352 Câble Int/Ext LTAAR 16x50/125
205-354 Câble Int/Ext LTAAR 24x50/125

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